Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Know You're a Nauvoo Missionary When . . .

We just had a district meeting and our district leader gave us this handout.  You may not understand it all but it is all very true of our lives at this point.  Some of these things we haven't done yet but are looking forward to.  If you don't understand something - please email me, ask, and I will explain  (my motivation for getting emails.)

You know you're a Nauvoo Missionary when . . .

you find that you are late to sacrament meeting when you arrived 1/2 hour early.

you go to sacrament meeting an hour early so you can in winter, find a place to hang your coat, and in summer, find a place to sit in the chapel.

you search along the baseboards to find a plug outlet or light switch.

you learn that A & W means Aldi's and Walmart, and not root beer.

the choir is too large for everyone to sit on the stand.

you work during General Conference and every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday all year.

you find that there are so many old people that you have your own mission doctor.

you find the location of the "gold" key . . . after you've locked yourself in the site.

you find you are grateful for borrowed and used clothes.

you find that "Rendezvous" isn't a date.

you learn how to spell "Rendezvous".

you wear a wool cape, hat, and scarf, even on a hot July evening.

the only thing you're worried about hitting with your car are squirrels.

Jed can cuss with the Lord's approval  (Note:  part of the "Rendezvous" production).

the chapel is just as cold in the summer as it is in the winter.

you change your clothes three times a day (or more).

you have a curfew and you're 75 years old (Note:  we're not that old but some are older).

you forget your lines on stage and everyone else knows them.

the only people you pick on are 5-year olds (Note:  also part of "Rendezvous").

your pets are corn bugs (or very large spiders or mayflies).

you can be in the shower at 3:15 and in a temple session at 4:00

your man is asked to kick like a Rockette (Note:  "Rendezvous" again)

you're expected to make rope and horseshoes on Sunday.

you sit on an ice bag with a towel wrapped around you (Note:  this time it's "Sunset").

people find your home by its name, not its address

you're asked to clean the sunstone in the middle of winter.

you're asked to help carve 400 pumpkins for Halloween.

you stitch on a quilt which never gets completed (Note:  "Rendezvous")

you do all your assignments willingly . . . because you have to (Note:  "Rendezvous").

you see the 'cop', slam on your brakes, and notice you're going 22 mph.

you can't sing or dance, and yet you're in TWO major musical productions that are the longest running in Nauvoo.

you have sacrament meeting in one building and relief society & priesthood meetings in another.

there are nine brethren at the sacrament table and 24 brethren passing the sacrament.

there is an hour long organ prelude before sacrament meeting begins at 8:00 a.m.

Yep, lots of things are different here but we love it and wouldn't change a thing.  We love and miss you all.

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  1. So we understood a lot of what you said, not everything though :) So we are really curious - Who do both play in Rendezvous? We have been wondering since you did get the call what your parts would be. Does Gary get to be a Rockette?