Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lucy Mack Smith Home

   This house was built by Joseph Noble.  When the Saints were forced to leave Nauvoo, he and his family left with them.  Lucy Mack Smith (mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith) chose not to go west.  She was quite elderly and suffered from arthritis so she felt she would not be able to endure the trip.  The church leaders loved and admired her so much they deeded this sweet little house to her and did everything they could to make her comfortable.  Even built a carriage house around back, complete with a "fine carriage".

   Part of the time her daughter, Lucy, son-in-law, Arthur, and their two children lived here with Lucy Mack Smith.  Later, when her arthritis became worse, she moved in with Emma Smith (who had remarried) and was cared for by Emma and her grandchildren until she died.

   Lucy Mack Smith was a small but feisty woman who was confronted often (not always kindly) about her son, Joseph, and she always defended him. She knew he was a prophet of God and The Book of Mormon was the Word of God. She is an amazing example of faith and endurance.


Sleeping alcove

Living area (right)
Living area (left)

Because of her arthritis, she probably did NOT go up and down the stairs. 
They are very steep and narrow.

from the bottom


Child's bedroom
from the top

Adult bedroom

Notice the ropes on the child's bed.  They could be tightened or loosened to raise or lower the mattress so the child would not fall out.  Also notice the little wooden paddle on the adult bed.  It was used to beat the mattress (which was made of straw) to fluff it up and also to get the bedbugs out.  You know the saying - "Sleep tight - don't let the bedbugs bite".

The little stove in the corner is called a "4 O'Clock Stove".  They didn't build a fire in it but at about 4:00 in the afternoon they would put in coals from the fireplace and by the time they were ready for bed, the room was nice and toasty warm.  Here's a better view of the stove.  It's tiny.


  1. I love that you give us tours! It makes me feel like I'm there with you!! Love you!

  2. I am loving the tours!!! It brings back so many memories. I don't know how many times that Brett and I (and even the kids) have talked about going back while you are still there. Since we just left there don't know if that will happen, but we can dream. Who knows one day you may get a knock on the door ;) We know exactly where your house is located. (I actually stayed in the house next door for a few nights back in the 1990's and almost state in the state park that is in your front yard this year). So grateful for your willingness to share your experiences!!!