Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nauvoo update & plan

I'm sorry it's taking me so long to get to the blog.  Everything here is new to us and we're learning so many things all at once, we want to share it all with you but our schedule is BRUTAL.  Who ever said senior missionaries get to take naps did not come to Nauvoo. 

We're up at 6:00 every morning and hardly ever get to bed before 10:30.  We each have a 6 hour shift at one of the sites - but usually not the same shift or the same site.  We also have to get in scripture study, personal study, companion study, fittings for site clothes and show clothes, training meetings, district meetings, practices, and quickly learning the new site we will have to give tours in the next day, before rushing off to be in a show. 

In the summer there are three different casts who are in Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo ( a musical about the people and culture of Nauvoo) and Sunset by the Mississippi ( kind of an outdoor variety show).  They are both presented six nights a week so we only have to be in Rendezvous two nights and Sunset two nights.  During the winter many missionaries go home so there are only two casts.  They stop doing Sunset but we will be in Rendezvous every other night.  We will have our clothes for the shows soon I hope and then I'll post pictures.  Right now we are borrowing clothes.

Sundays are quite interesting (NOT a day of rest).  Sacrament meeting starts at 8:00 a.m. but if you want a good seat you have to get there by 7:15.  We have 200 site missionaries, 100 temple missionaries, 20 young sister missionaries, 20 young performing missionaries and about 40 FM (facilities management) missionaries.  That fills up the chapel and breezeway.  It's always opened to the cultural hall and visiting guests usually fill that up. We are constantly reminded that this is probably the closest we will ever come to living in a zion community.  Every member of our ward is active, pays tithing, and holds a temple recommend.  A bishops dream!

After Sacrament meeting we have Relief Society & Priesthood meetings and then we get to work in the same site with our spouse for only 3 hour shifts.  That's really fun and goes by pretty fast.  Then there is either a district meeting or zone meeting or fireside in the evening.

Our P-day is even really busy.  Our mission president wants us to call it preparation day because he doesn't want anyone to think it is a "play-day".  I don't think there's much chance of that - but he will let us call it prep-day.  Anyway - most people get to sleep in on their prep-day but not us.  Ours is on Wednesday and there is ALWAYS an 8:00 training meeting on Wednesdays.  Then we're free to go shopping or do laundry or whatever (do assigned service projects - this week we get to clean the reader boards on the trail of hope) until 6:00.  Then we have to get ready for either Rendezvous or Sunset performances. 

I'm not complaining - we came on this mission to get out of our rut and to serve the Lord in any way he wants us to.  It's hard work and a little hard getting used to, but we love it and we know he will help us do anything we're asked to do.  We are just grateful for the experience.

I've decided to take just one site at a time and show you pictures (when I have time) and explain a little bit of the information we give in a tour.  Maybe then I can post a little bit at a time but a little more often.   

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