Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joseph Smith properties

We live on Parley Street.  If you continue down Parley Street about two miles to the east, you will come to this stuccoed farmhouse.  It is privately owned now, but it was once owned by Joseph Smith.

Before the stucco was put on, the house was made of stone, like this little shed out back.
This was part of Joseph Smith's farm.  We have read that on that last ride to Carthage, Joseph stopped for quite awhile just looking over his land one last time.
The Joseph Smith properties in Nauvoo are owned by the Community of Christ Church (formerly the Reorganized LDS Church).  They have their own visitor's center and conduct their own tours.  They allow pictures outside but not inside.
This is the mansion house.

Here are a couple of views of the homestead.
This is the Bidamon home and stables.  Emma married Lewis Bidamon after Joseph's death.
This is Joseph's Red Brick Store.  It is now a gift shop and you can go inside without taking a tour.  Last March we were permitted to have our "Relief Society Re-enactment" in the upstairs room where the first Relief Society meeting took place.  It was awesome!!!
You can also visit the family cemetery without a tour.  This is the monument over the graves of Joseph, Hyrum & Emma.
Joseph is in the middle
with Hyrum on the left

and Emma on the right.  There are several other family members in this cemetery also.
When we first came here, I was really disappointed that our church does not own these properties, but we have a very good relationship with the Community of Christ Church and I've come to realize - that is a very important thing.



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