Sunday, September 8, 2013


We have lots of animals here in Nauvoo.

When we first came, the deer were so little Elder Knudsen started calling them greyhounds.  It's pretty much like home though - deer in our backyard.


There are lots of raccoons but we've never seen any live ones - they're pretty sneaky - but we see lots of dead ones on the highway.  I tried not to show too much gore.

We have lots of turtles too.  In the spring they lined up on the logs in the Mississippi.  It was hard to get pictures though because if you stop the car, they just slide into the water.


There are squirrels everywhere.


And rabbits.


During the winter there were thousands of geese.

We had several eagles.

There are the bluest blue jays (no pictures - sorry) and really pretty red cardinals.  My picture came out really blurry though through the screen door.

The pelicans liked to line up on the logs too.

Elder Knudsen went to the woodshed at the family living center and yelled.  I came running and found this interesting creature plastered across his stomach.  He didn't leave it there long enough for me to take a picture though.
Here's another little friend Elder K found at the Family Living Center.

And then there are the horses that rule Nauvoo.  They work really hard pulling wagonloads of people all day, so they deserve to rule - and rest when it gets too hot.  There are several teams and they are GORGEOUS!!!  Here are just a few of them.
Tim & Tom
Chad & Champ
Mick & Chuck
Dan & Doc

 And then there's Jesse and Owen - the oxen

We have some baby oxen too - well they were babies last summer but I didn't get pictures and they got lots bigger.  They are still being trained.  Their real names are Abe and Ike but Sister Brown unofficially renamed them Oreo & Double Stuff.  They wouldn't cooperate so I could get their picture together of course.  They look very much alike so I don't know which is which.
We also have tons of bugs.  I didn't get pictures of the huge mosquitos or may flies or the awesome fireflies or the nasty little chiggers.  But I did get a picture of a cicada - I love to listen to them but they are UGLY!
This is how big this one was.

We also have lots of possums and skunks.  We smell the skunk behind our apartment often enough that I don't want to chase him down for a picture. 
The animals here seem to know what a special sacred place this is.  Many of them will just stop and look at you and listen to you talk to them.  I'd love for SOME of them to answer back.



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