Sunday, March 17, 2013

Family Living Center (ropemaking)

Look !!!  We finally got some snow.  We also just became the site leaders at the Family Living Center.  That just means a bit more responsibility.

Elder Knudsen loves to make ropes.  First he shows the guests some different sizes.
Then he explains about how to get the sisal and how to prepare it.

He untwists the twine to show the individual strands of sisal.

This is the stationary end of the rope machine.

This is the moving end, or sled.  It moves when you twist the rope.
He usually has one of the kids turn the wheel about 65 to 70 times to wind six strands into three strands. 
Then, they spin the small wheel to wind three strands into one strand.
The wood piece keeps pressure on the rope so it will twist tight.
Once the rope is twisted, he removes the wood piece.
Then he explains that this little string holds the rope together, just as the little things like love, kindness, caring etc. hold the family together.
Then he has someone help him whip (or bind) the rope at each end to keep it from unraveling.
Then he lets a little one count to three and other family members cut the rope off the machine.
You can tell if it is a good rope by how much of it you can make stand up straight.
Then he gives each family a rope to take home and tells them that each time they look at it they can remember how their family can be strong and bound together.
Elder Knudsen loves to do this demonstration with families with children.  The kids love the "hands on" aspect, and Elder K often makes the moms cry.




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