Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Just Plain Anna Amanda"

"Just Plain Anna Amanda" is a children's show performed twice a day by the YPM's.  Before the show, they have a puppet show with Granny and the twins.  The performers don't even TRY to be ventriloquists but they tell really cheesy jokes (reminds me of scout jokes - so silly you have to laugh) and they also have the children sing primary songs with them.

I'd like you to meet Anna Amanda Adelia Applebee.  She gets her name from two grandmothers, her mother and her father, and several physical and character traits from various other relatives.  No one calls her by her whole name - everyone calls her Just Plain Anna Amanda.  She dreams of being "important".

She gets the idea that having "things" will make her important so throughout this VERY funny play, she trades or borrows "things" from all the people she meets.  Boots from a man who is working on the temple. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of him).  Satchels that came all the way from Boston, Mass assa chu sets from a couple of twin friends who are always arguing.
A bonnet from England.


The schoolmaster's cloak.  (Sorry again - no picture.)  As she gets these "things" she puts them all on and then she can't walk and falls down and can't get up.

She decides in the end that she would just rather be herself.  Then she invites a child from the audience to come up and sing the final song with the cast and makes them feel REALLY important.

After the play, the cast goes outside and talks to all the children and their parents.  I've seen this girl many times get down on a child's level, look straight into their eyes and ask, "Do you KNOW how important you are?"  The kids love it - kids of all ages. 


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