Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunset by the Mississippi

Sunset by the Mississippi

Sunset by the Mississippi has come and gone for this year and we are very sad to see it go.  It is an old fashioned variety show that is performed on an outdoor stage near the Visitor's Center.  It is presented by the Young Performing Missionaries and the Senior Missionaries.  It is a fun show but also difficult because of the heat and humidity.  You have to prepare ahead of time - everyone brings a little wicker basket with necessities.  Water, fans, wet washcloth to wipe the sweat, and DINNER.  Doesn't that look yummy?   (There's no time to cook as you rush from site to show)

Oh, and don't forget your cool wraps.  (Thanks Mom, for introducing these to me - they really help out here).  You soak them in water and then tie them around your neck.

But most important of all - these nifty cold seats.  They are two ice packs wrapped in a towel and then slipped into a little case.  You can sit on them or take your shoes off and put your feet on them (between numbers, of course).
Now we're ready for the show.  The band plays while people are coming and the kids can decorate hats to wear in the children's parade.

Sometimes people come up and dance.  This is our mission president and his wife.

Then, let the parade begin.  The band and the Young Performing Missionaries lead all the children on a parade around and through the audience and back up onto the stage.

The main show consists of a variety of singing, dancing, acting, an old time melodrama, a tribute to the military, etc.  It's hard to get pictures when you're in the show, but here are few to give you an idea.
A barbershop quartet singing about mosquitos.  They're wearing sunglasses with mosquito noses.

Some Senior Missionaries & YPM's doing the Polka.

The Young Performing Missionaries do several numbers and they are AWESOME!  Running & Kicking and Dancing and Singing nonstop.
A Place in the Choir


Nauvoo Excercise

Frog Kissin'

Golden Dream (A tribute to America)

The YPM's do several different versions of The Audition.  The scouts do it too so it wasn't new to us but these kids are soooo hilarious.  It doesn't matter how many times we see it - it's always funny and something we look forward to.

I can't believe I didn't get pictures of two of my favorite parts of the show.  One is the melodrama.  I did get a picture of one of the characters - she was making faces at us while her back was turned to the audience.

The other one is a song about the Women's Temperance Movement and all of us old ladies come out with our mean, frowning faces, and our skirts hiked up to show our pantaloons, and sing "Away, Away, With Rum, By Gum".  It's really fun to do but you should see us huffing and puffing afterwards.
I left out a bunch but you get the idea.
Then we wave and sing "So long everybody - we hope that you enjoyed our show"  etc. etc. etc. 

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