Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scovil Bakery

This is a really cute little bakery - and a real favorite of the guests.  It is almost always busy and very small inside so you often have to start a tour around back - outside.  Sometimes it's a little cooler in the shade - but not in July, and that seems to be when most of the people come. 

Tiny summer kitchen and outhouse

Well and Millstones

When the church was restoring the Cultural Hall next door in the late 1960's, they found evidence that there had been a bakery just one door south, so they started digging around and found the original foundation and were able to reconstruct the bakery on that foundation.  Here is a picture of what they found.

Inside it's equipped as a bakery would have been in the 1840's. That's a picture of Lucius Scovil on the wall. 

Behind me - in the corner - is a really steep spiral staircase to the basement.  You have to come up them practically on hands and feet.

Lucious and his wife, Lury, endured much persecution along with the Saints in Ohio, Missouri, and then in Nauvoo, but  Lucious was a very kind and generous man.  When the Saints left Kirtland, he had a wagon and a team of horses but many people didn't, so he would move a family about 100 miles to the Ohio River and then go back for another family.  He moved about 5 families before moving his own family. 

His faith was also tested in another way in Nauvoo.  His 14 year old son, died of consumption.  Then in January, 1846 - just before the Saints were driven from Nauvoo, His wife, Lury, gave birth to twin daughters who only lived for 10 days.  3 days later, Lury also died.  His testimony of the importance of temple ordinances was greatly strengthened.  He knew his family would be together forever. 

He started west with his remaining 4 children but didn't get very far before he was called on a mission to England.  He didn't want to leave his children but he wanted to do what the Lord asked him to do, so he left them in the care of family and friends and went to England.  On his way there, he came back to Nauvoo and sketched the temple.

In England he commissioned 150 dozen fine china plates with the picture of the temple on them, surrounded by the names of the leaders of the church at that time.  An original is displayed in the bakery, another in the Heber C. Kimball home, and 12 are in the museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City.

Before leaving the bakery, each guest is given a yummy molasses cookie.


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